The only full-service, private label, 1-on-1 connections program for member organizations and conferences.

Your members or attendees will know one another better than ever which drives retention, engagement, and value.

And we do it all for you.

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A few of the organizations and conferences we’re supporting globally…

The Challenge for Member Organizations

According to the Membership Organizations Benchmark Study conducted by Marketing General Incorporated that studies association performance the last 10 years. Associations say:

43% of members quit because of a lack of engagement with the organization.

What can you do about it? What is the quickest way to rapidly increase member value? It’s right within your membership. Get them connected and delivering value to each other quicker than ever

How 1-ON-1 is redefining membership value and allegiance to organizations?

  • Rapidly expand connections in your membership
    The 1-on-1 connections program dramatically increases the value of your organization by pairing members together with customized introductions to increase the likelihood of a beneficial personal collision.
  • Increase member value 
    Member loyalty increases as organizations utilize the power of their own network to provide more value outside of events and meetings.
  • Increase retention
    Member retention has proven to increase the more the chapter membership is inter-connected.

The Weave of Relationships

Our matching engine creates a “chord graph” after each session we execute for your organization.

It demonstrates how the “weave” of relationships gets stronger and stronger with each round.

More connections. More relationships. More Value.

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When familiar and unfamiliar faces come together…
quickly, and efficiently, at scale.

“It is always on my list to be more intentional about building relationships within EO and I'm grateful to have one less task so I can focus on the fun part of connecting. This program handles all the legwork to set up efficient, impactful conversations.”

Shantel KrissImagine Media

“My second connection was with a super successful entrepreneur with multiple exits. The timing was perfect as I'm launching my second business with an eye to sale. I got tons of value and even shifted my thinking entirely on my growth approach that would have never happened if that 1-ON-1 Connection had never hit my inbox.”

Kara BrownLeadCoverage

“Every time you meet another EO member, you get to experience share, learn and grow from them―no matter how different your businesses are. EO can be everything you want from it and more; you have to invest the time to build the relationships. My first 1-on-1 Connection meeting was just what I needed: I had been so stuck in an area, and Jeb Stewart suggested an exercise to try; he gave me accountability, growth and a good challenge.”

Melissa DavisElev8 Hire Solutions

“I was just launching a new fitness business called 6 Pack Dads and wanted to add a supplement line. With 1-ON-1 I got paired with a new EO member who happened to have a supplement manufacturing business.We had an awesome Zoom call, and I ended up driving down to tour his facility to understand the process and how it is far more turn-key than expected with outstanding additional revenue potential for the business.”

Ethan King6 Pack Dads and Zeus' Closet